JONSEN ISLAND, A New Surfwear Brand From France


After several years in development, JONSEN ISLAND is ready to launch.

It took some time to the team to work out the various elements of the brand and to create the product the way they exactly designed it. They also needed to find the right suppliers to reach their high expectations.

Today, JONSEN ISLAND is launching a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to manufacture its first apparel collection. The latter will be launched in Spring 2016 along with their website.

A sustainable philosophy

The philosophy of JONSEN ISLAND reminds me of the one of OuterKnown, Kelly Slater’s brand: a close attention to the sourcing, the production, and the distribution of the products, as well as limited editions.

To produce their t-shirts and sweatshirts, the team has partnered with the textile manufacturer Stanley & Stella, who are committed to sustainable development throughout their supply and manufacturing chains. They are affiliated to the Fairwear Foundation and have received the highest standards of certification that prove their commitment.

Dedicated to the French surfing community

JONSEN ISLAND is commited to the French surfing community, especially through co-founder William Wustenberg who owns a surf club and promotes surfing, bodysurfing, and SUP in the Mediterranean.

In 2016, the brand will also create the JONSEN ISLAND challenge, a single and longboard surfing competition in the Mediterranean, as well as a Masters championship.

Besides, it aims at sponsoring the under-14’s and the regional opens all the way to the French championships.

JONSEN ISLAND is also involved in supporting people with disabilities who practice surfing by annually donating a share of its profit to the non-profit organization Handi-Surf.

Collaborations have also been initiated with brands such as Sen No Sen, Wait, Providence, etc.

To support JONSEN ISLAND, check out their page on Kickstarter.




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