John John Florence’s “View From A Blue Moon” trailer

Capture d’écran 2015-10-27 à 21.28.18

Within some days, John John Florence will release “View From A Blue Moon”, the new movie he is working on with director Blake Vincent Kueny, in collaboration with Brain Farm.

As you probably know, John John is a big fan of photography and video. And according to the trailer he posted on his Vimeo account, it will be massive.

I have decided to make a huge movie thanks to The Art of Flight “, said JJF to GQ France (read the article in French here). “I wanted to take my time, I wanted the best waves,the best tricks, and the best surfers to be with me. That’s why it took so long.”

Here are the locations and the dates of the world premieres:

  • Haleiwa, HI – Nov. 11th at 8pm (registration here)
  • Newport, CA – Nov. 11th at 8pm (registration here)
  • Tokyo, Japan – Nov. 11th at 8.30pm (registration here)
  • Sydney, Australia – Nov. 11th at 8pm (registration here)
  • Paris, France – Nov. 12th at 8pm (registration here)
  • Cape Town and Sao Paulo are full!

Visit the dedicated website to make sure not to miss something (here)!


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