The team Reef at the 2015 Quik Pro France


Most of the riders of the team Reef were in Hossegor for the 2015 Quik Pro France (9th event of the WSL World Tour). It was the opportunity for the brand to organize two events to allow the fans to meet their idols including Kai Otton, Mitch Crews, Vincent Duvignac, and Mick Fanning.

Signing Session



Capture dÔÇÖe¦ücran 2015-10-14 a¦Ç 17.33.45

Reef Party




Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 16.24.13



Regarding another side of the business, it seems that Luke Davis is not sponsored by the brand anymore: he was removed from the “Ambassadors” section some days ago (the Reef site is currently under maintenance, but I have a screenshot on my other laptop). Information to be confirmed.

Sans titre

Photo credits: Reef


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