Trailer of “Degrees North”

Swatch, The North Face, and Red Bull have teamed up to produce “Degrees North”, a movie that documents a 2-year exploration project lead by Xavier de Le Rue (France), Sam Anthalmatten (Switzerland), and Ralph Backstrom (USA). The director is Guido Perrini.

DAILIES SAVAGE 2014 255x18-5_trazado

During two seasons, the three riders explored remote locations in Svalbard and Alaska to find empty fields and stiff slopes. The team was the first in the world to reach these parts with a paramotor, creating a new sport: the paramotor freeride.


To Xavier de Le Rue, “exploration is not only discovering new territories: it’s also discovering new means to achieve it.

Thanks to the paramotor, the explorers could reach remote location in 10 minutes, when 4 or 5 hours of hiking and climbing were necessary. Moreover, the environmental impact of a paramotor is less negative than with an helicopter.


“Degrees North” will be available for 48h on, on October 22nd and 23rd.

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