2015 Quik Pro & Roxy Pro France (October 6th-17th) trailer

From October 6th until 17th, the World Tour surfers will be in Hossegor, France, for the Quik Pro & Roxy Pro France, the 9th event for both Men and Women.

The main spot for this event will be Les Culs Nus. But as usual, the contest site will be mobile on the spots around, depending on the conditions.


Regarding the Men, Mick Fanning will wear the yellow jersey as he took the 1st ranking place to Adriano de Souza at Trestles, the previous event. Adriano is followed by Filipe Toledo, Owen Wright, and Julian Wilson. Kelly Slater (ranked 6th) let people know he may skip the European leg to recover from various injuries. But if the conditions are good, the chances the Champ is coming are high.


Regarding the Women, all eyes will be on Courtney Conlogue and Carissa Moore. By reaching the final and winning the Cascais Women’s Pro, Courtney took the yellow jersey from Carissa. Sally Fitzgibbons, Lakey Peterson, and Bianca Buitendag are in a good shape as well. And Johanne Defay could perform since she will be surfing at home. Stephanie Gilmore, who has had to withdraw from the 5 previous events, could make her comeback during the Roxy Pro France.


All these stakes will surely make the Quik Pro & Roxy Pro France an intense event!

Besides, Roxy is organizing their #RunSUPYoga event in Hossegor on October 11th, with the Global Team (more info here).


Photo credits: WSL, Bernard Testemale, Roxy


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