Pro Surfers at the Surf & Style in Munich, Germany

Two years ago, some former World Tour surfers went to Munich to surf the static wave. Not the famous Eisbach -which lays in the center of the city-, but the artificial wave created at the Munich Airport and supported by the German company Lufthansa.

Kalani Robb, Cory Lopez, Shane Beschen and his son Noah tackled this wave which is different from a Flowrider and allows them to use the rail. As you can see in this video, they had a lot of fun.

Shane Beschen came back this year with Noah and his younger son Koda (more photos on Shane’s Instagram profile).

Prior to them, Rob Machado (2012) and Robby Naish (2013) surfed this static wave as well.


Robby Naish - Action

The last word go to Kalani Robb who stated on his Instagram profile:

“I said years ago that the next big thing in surfing will be a person who never surfed in the ocean, but learned our sport from a pool and will bring surfing to a whole new level. I believe we are very close and in the next couple years, a new surfer will be born from nowhere near the ocean.”

Sans titre2

Photo credits: / Flo Hagena for Red Bull / 


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