True Wetsuits, by Quiksilver

shop_contents_headline_group_member_873Quiksilver Japan has launched a new range of wetsuits called “True Wetsuits“. And this is not an April Fools’ Day.

Actually, the idea behind this concept developed with the agency TBWA/Hakuhodo is to encourage the Japanese overworked salarymen to spend less time at the office and more time doing what they like. And surfing is one of these activities.

This concept may sound awkward, but as you are supposed to know, Japanese workers are entirely devoted to the companies that employ them, and Quiksilver and TBWA/Hakuhoho want to ring the alarm by making them aware that life is also outside the office.

The Quiksilver’s True Wetsuits come in 3 models -there is even a tuxedo. These models are made of a 2mm-thick neoprene.


Each detail has been well worked.


A shirt has been produced as well. It is made using a fabric developed by Quiksilver and 3M for a high water repellency.


Oh! And ties are also provided!


As explained in this video of the True Wetsuits production, it took about 2 months just to produce samples. “I wanted this product to be a genuine suit which has excellent functionality, not only as a wetsuit, but also as a business suit“, says Satoshi Terai, Factory Manager at C. World.

The price of these True Wetsuits? 300,00 yen (around €2,350/US$2,250).


Photo credits: Quiksilver Japan


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