Opening Of A Nixon Store In Paris

As announced some months ago, Nixon has opened a retail store in Paris. It is located in the Marais, one of the trendiest districts of the French capital. Obviously, you can buy watches, apparel, and accessories. But there is a novelty: a customization bar where the customers are invited to create their own timepiece from component parts and engraved detailing options. Now you can be sure to wear an original Nixon, the kind of watch you won’t see at the wrist of someone else.

In an interview with Shop Eat Surf, Chad DiNenna, Nixon co-founder, explains the strategy of the brand in Europe: “Nixon has long since had strong performance and support in Europe. This is an accelerator for the brand, Europe is a great opportunity for Nixon, we are under penetrated compared to the U.S., and adding stores in key cities lets us showcase the brand and provide a hub for further growth. Having our own stores gives us the canvas to elevate the brand and our products that is more representative of where we see Nixon.

Nixon plans to open another retail store in London in October.

Here are some photos of the Parisian store:


Nixon Paris retail store details: 14 Rue Froissart – 75003 Paris / Phone +33 (0)1 42 77 04 71

Opening hours: Monday 2pm-7.30pm / Tuesday-Saturday 11am-7.30pm / Sunday 2pm-7.30pm

Photo credits: Nixon



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