Follow The Maud with Volcom


Born in 1992, Maud Le Car is a French surfer who grew up on Saint Martin island, in the Caraibes. She took her first wave when she was 12, and since then, she has never stopped surfing. One of her goals is to be part of the WCT, like her French fellows Pauline Ado and Johanne Defay. Regarding her performance at the Australian Open of Surfing last January -she almost beat Carissa Moore in the semi-finals-, there is no doubt that she could reach her objective in the next few years.

Here are some of her titles:

– 2010 and 2011 ISA European Champion

– 2011 Pro European Junior vice-champion

– 2011 Lacanau Pro winner


When she is not travelling the world to compete or to do photoshoots, she is in the South West of France with her boyfriend, Joan Duru. Besides being his first supporter and coach, Joan is also one of Maud’s teammates since both are sponsored by Volcom -Maud joined Volcom in 2012.

Volcom relies a lot on Maud and her image. That’s why they have released a 3-episode webserie called “Follow The Maud” in order to promote Maud, but their 2014 Swim Spring collection as well.

Episode 3 / Beat Street vs Reality Bites

Episode 2 / Zaggered

Episode 1 / Call Me Wild

You are warned: Maud Le Car is the next surfer you have to follow, either during a ASP contest or on the Fashion websites.


Bonus: here is a video of Maud made by Stab Magazine. The photo gallery can be seen here.


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