YouRiding Surfing is launching its first World Tour


YouRiding Surfing, the famous surfing game online, is launching its first World Tour. Made of 10 contests, this Word Tour starts today and will end in December. It takes place on the most famous waves all around the world.  

The players can take part to the World Tour for free. The global ranking will be made along the different contests of the year.

Here is the schedule of the 2014 YourRiding World Tour:

– April 7th-13th: Snapper Rocks Pro, Australia

– April 21st-27th: Mundaka Pro, Spain

– May 19th-25th: Cacimba Do Padre Pro, Brazil

– June 9th-15th: Cloudbreak Pro, Fiji

– June 23rd-29th: G-Land Pro, Indonesia

– August 18th-24th: Teahupoo Pro, French Polynesia

– September 15th-21st: Trestles Pro, California

– September 29th – October 5th: La Gravière Pro, Hossegor

– October 13th-19th: Supertubos Peniche Pro, Portugal

– December 15th-21st: Pipeline Pro, Hawaii

Go on YouRiding Surfing to take part to the first contest that starts today at Snapper Rocks.


Good luck!


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