Pharrell Williams’ G I R L


The news dropped today: “G  I  R  L”, Pharrell’s new album, will be released on March 3rd on Columbia Records (the same recording label as Beyoncé and Daft Punk) You can already book it on iTunes.

It will be the second LP of Pharrell. The first one, “In My Mind”, was released in 2006 and included “Angel” or “Can I Have It Like That” among other hits.

Obviously, “G  I  R  L” will include “Happy”, you know, the song you can’t take out of your mind because of its lively chorus! The tracklisting and the list of the featured artists should be disclosed this week.

After a break of some years -or let’s say a period during which Pharrell was less active than before-, he’s back on tracks. Pharrell wanted to take some time off to renew himself and to seize the trends to come -I invite you to read this article to better know him- and it works. The most notable facts are “Blurred Lines” he produced for Robin Thicke and “Get Lucky” he co-produced with Daft Punk.

As another proofs he’s back, Pharrell delivered a sweet performance at the 2014 Grammy’s Awards with Daft Punk, Nile Rodgers, and Stevie Wonder, and introduced the 2014 NBA All Stars some days ago.


Pharrell and Paul McCartney backstage at the 2014 Grammy’s Awards

Either he works with Chad Hugo (The Neptunes) or with Chad and Shay Hayley (N.E.R.D.), Pharrell is the one who can make the difference. Does he have the Midas touch? I think so, and I am looking forward to listening to “G I R L”. I was a bit disappointed by “In My Mind” as the productions were not as good as the ones he made for other artists. But I am quite confident his new LP will be the soundtrack of the summer 2014.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this little teaser that was edited for “G  I  R  L”:


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