The Women’s World Tour in Hawaii? Soon!


Yesterday, Surfer Magazine published a letter Carissa Moore wrote to the ASP, the brands and the media. In this letter, the 2013 World Champion expresses her wish to see a better ASP Women’s World Tour, the main point being a final contest in Hawaii in “big, powerful, challenging waves.” She adds that the best surfer should be able to perform in small waves, big waves, barreling waves, high-performance waves, beachbreaks, and reef breaks (as I wrote in a previous post some years ago). At the moment, the World Tour is held in small beachbreaks, and it doesn’t really promote the women’s ability to surf bigger waves. It has been like this for a couple of years and things need to be said. Again and again.

Some months ago, Vice met Carissa in Hawaii and made a nice documentary about her. She stated “the waves were quite small, but it’s OK for me as our World Tour contests are held on small waves.” Can you feel the resentment in Carissa’s word? Cause I do.

And today, Carissa decided to open her mouth in the smartest way: she just expresses her wishes without blaming someone. And as a double World Champion, her words weigh more than any other surfer of the Tour -except Steph Gilmore. So everyone should pay attention to them.


Last year, after Paul Speaker’s appointment as the new CEO of the ASP, it was said that “the ASP will be zoning in on the women’s tour, and will be announcing a specific women’s advisory board within the next month, which will look at ways to highlight female athletes and improve the locations and waves made available to women surfers on the tour.” (you can read the article here). Early 2014: there is still no contest planned in Hawaii. So, where’s the improvement that the ASP talked about?


According to me, a final contest at Hawaii for the women’s World Tour is in the pipe. The thing is that the ASP may prefer to communicate about it later in the season, as they did last year for the EDP Cascais Pro. Maybe they wait the deals with some sponsors to be concluded? Or maybe it’s only marketing.

Let’s take an example: your car is broke, so you take it to the garage to get it repaired. The mechanic tells you it will cost $1,000 -or 1,000 € whatever. As you hesitate to pay such a price, he tells you he will ask his boss whether it’s possible to decrease it, the boss agrees, and you finally leave your car at this garage, thinking it was a good opportunity. Well, as long as you don’t know that the real price of such a repair is actually lower than the initial price.

Another example: you run a company and one of your providers advises you that they are launching a new solution. The subscription to this service is $5,000 per month, but regarding the good relations between you and them, they decided to offer you a $2,500 subscription. “Really? Wow! So nice from you! Let’s suscribe!” By my side, I wouldn’t be that sure it is nice from my provider. Cause maybe the actual price of such subscription is $2,500 or even lower.

These two simple examples are old marketing technics that aim at making you feel that the other part wants the best for you, that they are ready to make sacrifices just so that you feel good. If you’re good, you trust them and stay with them.

The link with the ASP? By telling that they listened to the women surfers’ complaints and that they have added a final contest in Hawaii, they increase their liking capital among the surfing enthusiasts. They show understanding, they show that they care about the sports -and I am sure they do. Paul Speaker and his team have to restore the image of the ASP, and such technics wil help them to do so.


Am I wrong? Am I right? Let me know! And let’s hope Carissa’s wishes will come true…

Photos credit: Redbull, ASP


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