Belharra wakes up, January 7th 2014


Yesterday, Belharra, one of the biggest waves in Europe, got woken up by the storm called Hercules. Some surfers such as Shane Dorian, Benjamin Sanchis and Jamie Mitchell paddled out and caught waves that will probably blow your mind.

The talented Vincent Kardasik was there too and edited this sweet video straight afterwards. The work of Vincent is getting a great international coverage, not only in the surfing media, but in the non-specialized ones as well. You can see the power of Belharra, the apprehension of Benjamin Sanchis’ eyes (0’40), the insane wipe-out of Jamie Mitchell (2’46), and the engagement of all the surfers who rode this wave thanks to the strength of their arms and shoulders.

As Shane Dorian explained to Surf Session, he expected the waves to be bigger (they actually were, but during the previous night). Nevertheless, he and the other guys had some fun, and he plans to come back to Belharra as soon as the conditions are optimum.

Here are some pics by Alex Laurel of this amazing day that provided the surfers with a lot of stoke.





You can see some other photos on the website of Red Bull Surfing.


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